Tips for Success

Here are a few tips to help you get started with IBEA.


  • When posting content, spell all words in their entirety. Do not use abbreviations for document titles, etc., as this will affect search results.
  • Use as many tags as possible so that your content will be found by those interested in your subject areas and school level(s).
  • Post content individually or simultaneously. You may upload 1-20 documents at a time. Documents uploaded together will be grouped in the same file, so you should only group documents that are related to each other, such as the same topic or class.
  • Ensure your content meets file type and size criteria, as listed here.
  • To edit or delete something you have posted, go to your personal profile, click the “Media Files” tab, and select the edit or delete options in the top left corner.


  • At the very minimum, please include your first and last name, place of business, and title in your personal profile. You may also add contact information, links to your social media accounts, and other details you want to share about yourself.
  • All users are encouraged to add their photos to their profiles so we can personalize our IBEA community as much as possible.


  • If you enjoy content from specific IBEA members, click their name to visit their personal profile. You may then select the “Follow” button on their profile to receive notifications when new content is posted by that person.


  • Please tell others about IBEA and help grow our membership! We encourage all instructors at the high school and college levels with a passion for international business to join and actively contribute to our resource library. Spread the word!