Create Your Profile

Although the IBEA community is hosted entirely online, our goal is to make IBEA a personal experience where you can connect and collaborate with others! Therefore, your first step after joining IBEA should be building your personal profile. Personal profiles allow members to introduce themselves and become acquainted with others in the IBEA community.


What you choose to include in your profile is entirely up to you. However, we request that all members share their name, photo, and employment information. You may elect to add other details, such as how to connect with you via social media.


Personal Details
All personal and professional information you choose to post in your profile is visible to IBEA members.

IBEA Activity
When others visit your profile, they can see your activity within the IBEA community, including media files you have posted, who is following your posts, who you are following, and your media likes.

Follow Button
Your profile contains a “Follow” button that allows members to receive notifications when you post new content.